Friday, July 11, 2014


You wouldn't believe from the heat that is outside now, but Tuesday was actually a very rainy day. All-day-rain. Cats and dogs. Buckets. Full of rain. No chance of going outside. To pass the time Carolina and I played "sewing". Cutting fabric, carefully handling needles, organizing thread and even a bit of real sewing (from my side). My sewing machine saw its last activity in back in January (!), yeah, it's been half a year without sewing ...

Here comes a pair of comfy jersey pants, 
the pattern is Moira by Mamu Design.

Only after I had cut the fabric I saw this:

So now the washing instructions and fabric's name are part of one side of the pants,
looks nearly like intended.

The pants are seriously intended for yoga and play time:


Yeah, yeah, feeling the sewing groove again ...

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Lena said...

Die Hose sieht echt sehr gemütlich aus!
LG Lena