Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Knitting in Husum

Last weekend we had a large family gathering from my side, in an old barn converted into a guesthouse, up up North in Germany. All my aunts, uncles, cousins and all their loved ones and offspring under one roof (and also my parents and my pregnant sister, of course). It actually rained nearly all of the time, but that didn't spoil the cozy mood. Carolina and Clara just had a blast, running around and playing or sitting at the fire at night.

The town of Husum was about half an hour away and we ventured out once and left the clan for a couple for hours. Called the "grey colourful town at sea" - Husum lived up to its name on this rainy Saturday.

But we had just entered the pedestrian zone, 
when a lot of colour shone our way.

 The Lana Grossa Store Husum.

Wool galore on two floors.

 I was really surprised how large the store was.

The two nice ladies who worked there (one was knitting) didn't want to be in the pictures but told that there is a lot of knitting going on in and around Husum, validating all that wool.

Proof - next store down the precinct:

a book store with this on display:

We walked on and then Hubby pointed out to me:
"Look, yarn graffiti!"
(that man is knitting-conditioned)

And not only one!
The whole street "Neustadt"
got its lamp posts yarn-graffitied:

Oh yeah, big time knitting in Husum.

And three hours of knitting in the car for me.

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