Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crafty goes Arty

As of late my crafty studio has turned into an arty junk room with all surfaces and even the floor being cluttered. The only place where I could paint was this here:

Clara said the other day, that we need to build an extra little house for me where I can paint or that I could use the garage. Hubby, practical as he is, suggested clearing this desk:

Said, done.
I wouldn't have thought how much fun the girls had rearranging all my materials - paints, papers, brushes, inks, washi-tape. So it didn't take long before this inviting space appeared:

Like a breath of fresh spring air.


signoraaurora said...

Yes! We have to make space for what we want! Lovely studio!

Anonymous said...

hey, das gefällt mir - alles andere raus für dieses jahr! lg doris

catcouch said...

Thank you Doris and Eos, and I have to confess, that discovering your beautiful blog, Eos, with your airy spaces, made decluttering a breeze.