Friday, July 29, 2011


Sedona is a town in Arizona surrounded by beautiful red sandstone tower rock formations.

It also became a New Age center due to the energy vortexes around, places where the earth's energy is believed to be highly concentrated and can be picked up by human beings to achieve greater clarity, healing and awareness as a result.

My vortex in Sedona I strongly felt here:

The Sedona Knit Wits (website here)

with a knitting graffiti at the entrance on the right side.

A collaboration on WWKIPD (we also had a great one in Oldenburg, didn't we?).

Inside the spacious and very well stocked shop a surprise awaited us - another little home from home, in a way. Because as it turned out, the owner of the shop, Petra, was originally from Bremen, a city half an hour away from where we live.

She came to the US in the early eighties and opened her knitting store last year. The store has an amazing lessons schedule, with classes nearly every day and a knit night.

This was the first knitting shop where I actually bought some wool, three weeks into our trip. Some souvenir wool from that shelf, some silky wool of the colour "baby rose". For baby.

And I have picked the right colour, like Clara announced this week after the ultrasound: "Meine kleine Schwester wird ein Mädchen!" (My little sister is going to be girl!) I had a bonnet in my mind for the wool, but as the wool was for needle size 2,5 mm and Clara is restocking her doll's wardrobe at the moment, I knit this ultra-quick doll's mini dress on her request. The pattern is called rose dress (name coincidence!) from the Swedish website (huge pattern collection in different languages).

And even though they are very classic plastic dolls, they carry their children in slings.

Clara calls it baby-ma-cozy.

Ravelry notes here and here.

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the Sedona Knit Wits said...

Thanks so much for your in depth reporting on the Sedona Knit Wits. I love it!
Happy knitting and blogging~