Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Celebrating - One Year of Knitting

It has been exactly one year now - since I took up knitting ... and never put it down again.

New Year`s Eve 2009

Truly, it has become a lifestyle, my lifestyle. Looking at my Ravelry projects - there are over 50 finished objects (not looking at the UFOs...), that makes a FO every week of the year. And other creative endeavours have followed - sewing, crochet and who would have thought, I started embroidery a couple of days ago. And my mother just mentioned an unused spinning wheel somewhere in her house...

I found out how little sleep you need if you are totally immersed in a new knitting project around midnight, see and navigate the city in terms of yarn shops and fabric stores now and met a lot of wonderful crafty and creative people this year - in real and in virtual life. My christmas presents have never been better!

these days

And what is the best way to celebrate the anniversary - going to my favourite night of the week - Knit Night!

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