Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wild Life

We are back from the woods! We went to a family camp near Berlin (if you ever wondered about the whereabouts), at a Wilderness School called Drei Eichen - Three Oaks (their website here).

Together with a bunch of other young families it was not so much about survival, but more about living in a clan-like situation and trying out what could be appropriate for the human species and their little ones, (artgerecht in German).

It was organized by Nicola, a journalist and mother of two, who writes a blog about these questions and topics, especially about diaper free babies, breast feeding, co-sleeping, carrying and child care.

But it was also about just hanging out together, meeting like-minded people, stretching your comfort zone and breathing in as much fresh air as possible.

The weather was mostly like this:

And sometimes like that:

Interesting things happened. Clara was not seen for most of the day, going on adventures with her new friends.

The words boring or TV were not mentioned by her, she was more into feeding the goats.

Or drawing on wood with charcoal.

It took her about one minute at night to fall asleep.

Carolina was a total sunshine girl, enjoyed being outdoors, being in her Papa's and Mama's arms all day long, peeing in the grass, sleeping in a tent and exploring the world on all fours.

This can not be plastic.

More fantastic crafty impressions to come...


Anonymous said...

Oh, wie süß!!!

Anja said...

Mit unseren Kindern haben wir in 11 Jahren je eine Woche Ferien in Naturfreundehäusern gemacht. Heute sind das die schönsten Urlaubserinnerungen, auch für uns Erwachsene.
Liebe Grüße von Anja

Christiane Jordan said...

Oh super.. habe dich gerade entdeckt und mein Beitrag ging auch gerade raus...

Lieben Gruß und ich vermisse das Camp...

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! We are going to the Artgerecht camp in August, and I folloed Nicola's link to your blog. Now I'm even more excited!! Nice to meet you!