Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crafty Camp and Vegan City

Crafty moments of last week.
Five hours in the car -

... the backseat situation looked like this during the best moments of the drive.

Or some quiet knitting minutes while Carolina had an afternoon nap in the tent.

And I was not the only crafty Mama in the family camp.

We met Madame Jordan, who was making yo-yos with one of her little daughters.

As I found out, she is a pro - she has her own label Madame Jordan, complete with store in Berlin, dawanda shop and blog, sewing beautiful children's clothes and baby carriers.

Talking of professionals -the other vegan Mama in the camp, Juli, runs a vegan supermarket with her husband in Berlin.

After escaping the wilderness of the camp (stomach flu going round), we spent two more days in the wild, wild city. We had a vegan Sunday Brunch at Veganz.

Raw vegan lime-avocado-coconut-cake.

It is a lot about the people you meet when you go to new places, isn't it?

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Christiane Jordan said...

Oh ich wollte auch ins Vegan zum Brunch, aber entschied mich aufgrund der Laune der Kinder doch für das Restaurant mit Outdoor Spielplatz.. das ist dann entspannter.. und danke für die schöne Werbung...