Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oppe Oppe Aita*

* Carolina's version of the German nursery rhyme "Hoppe, hoppe Reiter" (English translation here) and her way of saying Pferd/horse

Look at this. I have really sewn something. Do you know how long my sewing machine had been abandoned?... since before Christmas. And even though I thought I am a sewing-in-summer-knitting-in-winter-kind-of-person, the change of the seasons has made me want to sew. What was it? A cooler wind, a slight feeling of restlessness, a look at this blog here, a Kundalini Yoga set for Balancing the Brain, whatever, when Carolina woke up last Tuesday night and I nursed her back to sleep, I knew that I have to sew her some long-sleeved thing.

The next morning we went straight to the fabric store, and I thought horses might be fun. Her big sister Clara goes horse riding and watches Bibi & Tina videos, so Carolina knows her horses.

The German pattern is by klimperklein and has been waiting in my e-mails since last November (together with a couple of other patterns I bought on an online sewing shopping spree...). Sewing with it was like a walk in the park thanks to the very detailed pictured instructions. It felt that I might not have lost my sewing skills altogether.

Oppe Oppe Aita

And it was really high time for me sew this shirt, because it is called a Baby Shirt and Carolina just fits into the largest size of the pattern.

 And she is too busy to be properly photographed, of course.

But a very proper shirt for our Sunday outing to the annual horse market.

 (undercover-horse-shirt because of rain)

PS: A question for my American readers:

How do you Americans call this kind of neckline? It is called American neckline in Germany, I have learned.

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