Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Beanie Week

I was happy wearing my new Rikke Hat and knitting away on a second Wurm. In the afternoon we went to musical school for Clara's recorder class. In the waiting room sat another mama wearing a cool coloured crochet long beanie. I asked her about her hat. She started making them herself this winter and also sells them to friends. They are quite popular right now, similar to those by these guys here. She said the word: myboshi.

After my craft class at Clara's school, a mother came up to me and said how great it is that I teach crochet and knitting. So the children can soon make these crochet hats, that are so trendy at the moment.

After my Kundalini yoga class I talked with a yoga student about knitted slouchy beanies. She made her husband one via a youtube tutorial.

I went to our local supermarket and saw a woman in the fruit & veg section. Wearing a crochet long beanie in cool colours. I asked her about her hat (I am totally uninhibited about that now). Yeah, a friend makes and sells them (not the mama from musical school) and actually EVERYBODY is making them this winter. When I asked her about the pattern, she contacted her friend on the phone and gave me the website of those girls.

I think about the two boys in my craft class and want to show them male crochet role models and order this book (good marketing). Plus children-sized beanie patterns inside.

I put Carolina in a warm suit and we head downtown for wool. At the yarn shop I ask for a thick yarn. They know what I want. They have the book I ordered yesterday on the counter and copy a handwritten crochet instruction for a beanie with their fax machine for me. Like a whirlwind. Before I even ask for it. I also check the needle craft section at the department store. Not to be overlooked - they sell myboshi-wool (very good marketing). OMG.

I cast on.

Carolina is feverish and sleeps an usual lot. On my lap while I am crocheting. I make two hats. There are tutorials online like this German one here (in English here) or this pattern here. Half double crochet. With thick wool. There is hardly a faster way to make a hat.

In my prenatal yoga class one student talks about making beanies for her kids and after class another student asks about my new hat - made this morning. How to make it. She has a friend (this time it is a male friend) who also crochets these beanies and sells them online.

I make a quick hat from stash yarn to suit my coat.

Breathe out - I take the Wurm back into my hands.

This is not the end. Hubby also wants a cool beanie now.

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