Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Clara's Crochet

Clara (sometimes also Carolina) comes to my new job, the craft class at her school with me. After making friendship bracelets last week, we dived straight into crochet this week, starting with chain stitches.

One hour with 11 kids (and a baby) is not enough for everybody to get it right straight away, also considering the fact that the children are aged between six and nine. So after being somewhat discouraged in class, Clara had the advantage of having her own personal craft teacher at home afterwards.

And it clicked.

She worked with full concentration for over an hour and after it she looked outside the window and said: "Oh, it has snowed. I haven't noticed it at all."

For me, looking at Clara crocheting away was like looking into a mirror.

Mama & daughter knitting & crochet. 
Side by side. 
Love. Love. Love.

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