Friday, December 21, 2012

These Pants are made for Playing

Sisters and Pants. Matching Pants. It is this time of year again, after Sisters' Dresses last year. I just couldn't help it and had to make them. And I couldn't wait until Christmas. So when Clara opened her birthday presents yesterday, Carolina got her little sister's pants version, too.

The pattern comes from Christiane, owner of the Berlin label Madame Jordan, who we met at Family Camp this summer (blogged here). I saw her own children running around in these cool pants called "Knickerbockers", and wanted to add some urban chic to our sleepy Oldenburg life.

I also added a pink jersey lining for the cooler days now. The pants themselves are corduroy and after I messed up my first attempt at sewing both sides together, I am now very pleased with the outcome.

And now for the pictures at play:

Too hard to stand still, of course.

Exciting new skipping rope.

So much fun.

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