Friday, December 7, 2012

Little Snowflake

No Advent Sunday without going to the Advent Bazaar, third year in Oldenburg, same tradition. The ladies of the Advent Bazaar craft club (I visited them here) had done a good job again, this year. Clara and me hoped for new snazzy Barbie clothes, but either we were late or the lady who knits them had prolonged her vacation.

But still, we found something. Some tiny Froebel stars and a purple knitted loop scarf for Clara. And hidden underneath some other knitted things, Carolina's babuschka spotted a whole knitted baby set for her - hat, scarf and mittens.

Tiny stitches, lots of work, tiny price.

Stay warm and roam about in the white, baby.

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Anonymous said...

Eine süße Schneeflocke... Oma Lana