Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrifted Roses

Roses, May - yes, it is that wonderful time of year. And I was very pleased to see that we have roses in our garden, an heirloom from the people who lived in this house before.

When we had friends over for tea & cake last weekend, I realized that our everyday tableware just doesn't qualify as a proper tea set. A good chance to ramble about the thrift stores in our new area! I made my find.

From the church charity shop. Not exactly roses all of them, but you know, pink flowers.

Of course, you also need a cake plate among other things.

You might not exactly need four (!) more tea pots, but things get broken or you might want to serve different kinds of tea... those vintage designs in combination with their prices are just irresistible. I was especially smitten with this pattern:

I even had to put in on display in my studio.

When Clara helped me unpacking the dishes and saw me putting the tea pot on the shelf, she asked me, why I always buy all the beautiful stuff just for myself... she wanted her own tea pot.

What can I say - children learn through observation and imitation.

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