Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Stroller and Sling

Up to this weekend I have never really used a stroller with my babes. Clara was a total sling baby and wouldn't let me be put her down in anything and I liked it that way, too (I had read the Liedlhoff's Continuum Concept). So this time, I had already ordered two pink slings when I was five weeks pregnant with Carolina.

Just for a try, my husband acquired a second-hand stroller when Carolina was born. Three little newborn baby cries and it went in the cellar. And I was a happy sling mama again. Nearly the only one in the neighbourhood... But I try to be not too dogmatic (my husband would laugh out loud here) about natural birth, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and carrying babies... Just instinctive.

Yesterday when Carolina was fuzzy in the sling, I had the idea to get out the stroller after nearly six months. And what can I say - Carolina fell asleep immediately. She loved it. And I felt like a "modern mama". Strange.

When I told Clara about the stroller, she was just to happy to push it big sister style.

But when we went on our afternoon stroll for Sunday cake, Clara insisted to take her doll Esmi in the doll sling with her (she has never done this before, the doll sling is a gift from baby carrying expert Monika).

I thought, maybe some red lights on the way that give me an opportunity to knit...

No red lights, but Esmi got too warm and needed to be changed.

Clara was all geared up with diaper bag and changing clothes.

And quite in the mood for some fun.

On the way back the stroller was loaded with sleeping baby, knitting, cake and Waldorf doll.

Then Clara wanted to go on carrying Esmi natural style - in her arms. And I even got a flower for (grand) Mother's Day.

Edit: Carolina only likes the stroller when she is really tired and can fall asleep right away. And you have to keep rolling. And once she wakes up it is more or less this scene...

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