Monday, August 29, 2011


Time for traveling overseas again - even if it is just a thirty minute ride on the train to Bremen to the Übersee-Museum (Overseas Museum)! After the museum time at home last weekend we decided to beat the clouds and rain with traveling activity around the globe.

The Overseas Museum Bremen is actually quite fun for children with collections of material on natural history, trade and ethnography from the South Seas, Australia, Asia. Around the world in 80 minutes!

Due to inexplicable circumstances I suffered a severe kind of camnesia during our visit to museum, so there are no exciting photos to show... How great would it be showing you a smiling Clara in front of smiling buddhas, a Japanese tea house, a Chinese temple, a Mongolian yurt or a Bollywood billboard in the Asian section... or in Africa with giraffes and zebras ... or in front of the skeleton of a dinosaur in the evolution room...

All I can really show you is the single two pictures I took of Clara on her own request - in front of a statue of the Bremen town musicians at a well-known global coffee shop franchise.

We can't say we hadn't fun (and even some sunshine).

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