Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Jewelry

I have become a regular customer at the new bead shop down the road. And with the birthday of one of my mother-in-laws, a great chance to create something special. In autumn I knitted this shawl for her.

With the red-and-black-colour-combination in mind I set out to make her matching earrings.

with little pink roses

And then I thought a necklace would be nice, too.

A perfect little gift, I think.

PS: My other mother-in-law gets the recently finished Multnomah Noro. For Christmas. Or probably earlier, within the next days. There can be cool Northern German nights. But that's another story.

PS II: No, I am not married to two different men. It is my father-in-law who remarried.

1 comment:

Faser said...

Then, one of them would be your stepmother in law, no?