Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Paint like in Japan

Japanese Art is the latest lesson in A Year of Painting with Alena Hennessy. Looking at work of Japanese contemporary artists, being inspired by it and trying something new and maybe exotic while painting.

Fittingly there is this exhibition now at the Oldenburg Horst Janssen museum: 

Over a hundred years ago artist Emil Orlik travelled to Japan to learn more about coloured Japanese woodcarving ...

... and was inspired.

Orlik also made a lot of drawings.

I used the work of Japanese artist Yoshiro Tachibana for my inspiration, who in return is very much influenced by modern European painters.

So here is my "inspired copy" of Tachibana's Mother and Child in Red,
stretching my creative muscles with colours I wouldn't normally use
and his special composition:

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Anonymous said...

Sehr interessant. Es gefällt mir.