Saturday, March 9, 2013

Knitting... magically

This week I was called to the TV when Clara watched her kids evening programme: "Look, the fairy mama is knitting!"

 (Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom, episode: Woodpecker)

So that's the way a Fairy Queen knits.

And what is she knitting: socks! (I can do magic knitting, too)

This morning while I was knitting away on Hubby's sweater, Clara asked me if she could also knit: "It looks so easy!" My standard answer: "First you've got learn how to crochet." She still struggles with her first simple crochet stitches after mastering chain stitches. But with persistence on her side I couldn't not help but casting on some stitches for her. And what happened then?

I can tell you what Clara said: "Knitting is easy."

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