Saturday, November 3, 2012

Handmade Mallorca

This vacation was more about family then about crafting, of course. I managed to knit a couple of rows of my lace stola and that was it. And it was OK. But I kept my crafty eyes open, for sure.

In Palma near the Cathedral I saw a woman selling her crochet creations.

I found a shop selling buttons (the right side is only buttons) in the Old City of Palma.

And we had a lot of chances to show off my handmades from home.


Plain Pink in Palma.


For the one day, that was cooler - Flagstaff Jacket and Little Butterflies for Carolina.

I wore my Mama Yoga Tunic (and a sling with baby) with Mama pride.

And last but not least, the promised photos of the Mallorca Pants.

With the very practical all-the-beach-and-baby-stuff-fits-in Big Bag.

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