Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pants for Annie

I have regressed to making doll clothes lately - even knitting for a (growing) babe is too much of a non-possibility right now. So while grocery shopping at the supermarket in January and passing the magazine rack with oh-so-many seductive knitting magazines whispering at me, I risked a glance and grabbed a double pack with dolls on the cover.

Upon closer examination back home I found out why the clothes looked so slightly off-fashion.

They come from a time when the Deutsche Mark was still the currency in this country - 11 years ago at the youngest. Somebody at the publishing house must have cleaned the archives. While some yarn choices make you smile, the patterns itself are still ok. I wanted to knit something for my big girl's dolls and let Clara pick a (realistic) pattern.

Clara talked about "jeans" for her doll Annie who was still pretty much bottom-less. One month of on-and-off knitting and yesterday afternoon with a surprisingly sleeping babe and and a mama who ignored the chaos all around her... for my inner sanity it was more important to finish those pants at last...

With some leftover yarn from this yarn shop in Sedona/Arizona they turned out less "jeansy" and more pinky. My Ravelry notes here.

And when I came into Clara's room this morning Annie had already mingled with her friends. In her new pinky pants. What more can a knitting mama ask for?

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