Friday, October 7, 2011


According to Chloe, an artist and Kundalini Yoga teacher (I did my international yoga teacher training with her in India), Moab is a magical valley in southern Utah. She must know - she lives there (check out her art, it is magical, too).
Besides her about 4800 people live in Moab and for tourists like us it was a great starting point to see Arches National Park.

And to come back to some food & wool.
We especially enjoyed the Eklectica Cafe.

You can view beads and jewelry while eating breakfast (what about some soy-ginger-seaweed-scrambled-tofu?),

drink organic coffee on their garden patio,

and be surrounded by original art, antiques and collectables.

... even in the restroom.

And, of course, in a nice town like Moab there must be a nice yarn store with nice people!

I just love the name!

The super-friendly owners Cathy and Rosie created a cozy oasis with a fantastic selection of yarns and books. Their knitting nights are on Wednesdays. Their website here.

Very child-friendly, too - one of the owners has a little son.

You just want to sit down, relax and get out your knitting needles.

I still dream of my own rocking chair, that day will come...

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