Friday, March 11, 2011

Strike me Pink!

As a child my favourite book was "Mary Poppins". Up to this day I am intrigued by the idea of clapping my hands and have the house in order... that really stayed in mind. In the Disney movie Mary Poppins snaps to get the children's room tidied up - and a spoonful of sugar helps, too -
figuratively and literally (I like to eat something sweet before cleaning). So what else could help the medicine go down?

I ordered this timer. Pink. Retro style.

For those of you who are German speakers - I got inspired by a blog that started at the beginning of this year - ordnungshueterin (just in time with my New Year resolutions). I am sure there must be something similar in the English speaking web world. Little yet effective tasks from 3-25 min for decluttering your house and life. Step by step. That's what you use the timer for. Who can't tidy up for 15 minutes? 5 minutes? That's nearly like clapping your hands! What would Mary Poppins say when she was pleasantly surprised: Strike me pink!

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